I Am…

Who am I?

The age-old question that has been central in many a life.

Christian ones inclusive.

Who am I?

I find it interesting that as Christians we ask it the same way everyone else does.

Inadvertently leaving out the most important component.

Who am I in God?

When we take on salvation we cease to exist in the me, myself and I state of mind. Or at least we’re supposed to.

But our identity as individuals is a classic case of how we’ve taken on magnetic norths to give us direction instead of looking to the True North.

We go by the label Christian, but we get our direction from the world.

We wonder why our lives are full of conflict like oil and water not realizing the folly of trying to be a Christian as viewed, defined, explained, expected, taught by the world rather than a Christian as exemplified by Christ.

The I Am series is my attempt to go back to square one.

Back to the One.

Who am I in God?

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