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I’m Mary. Wife, mama, author, leader & business woman. Jesus is at the centre of all I am and all I do.

Welcome to my Internet home. Have a look around my blog, YouTube channel and podcast.

For my fiction stories and author journey, visit my other website: Fiction By Mary Kamau.

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Who Taught You About Love & Romance? | Love Notes From Mary Kamau On My Mind with Mary Kamau

Who Taught You About Love & Romance | Love Notes From Mary Kamau Are you living a lie or embracing the truth from God about love & romance? YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Mary Kamau GET MY BOOKS: https://teliosbooks.com/mary-kamau/ MORE FROM ME: https://marykamau.com https://fictionbymary.wordpress.com http://kairosconsultancygroup.com CONTACT ME hello@marykamau.com
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