Kinda-Sorta Saved

Calvary called me by name.

“The blood of Calvary called me by name.”

– Jenn Johnson

It’s one thing for me to tell you “For God so loved the world…”

Or for you to hear it in a sermon/testimony, read it in a Bible, sing it in a song

You hear/read it and you kinda-sorta believe it

Because it kinda-sorta sounds nice

So you kinda-sorta find your way into church

And you kinda-sorta get saved

You’re kinda-sorta not sure exactly what it all means

But it definitely sounds better than going to hell

Your kinda-sorta life seems ok but it’s kinda-sorta not

You kinda-sorta have questions…but you’re kinda-sorta not allowed to have them much less ask them…

You’re supposed to just kinda-sorta believe

You kinda-sorta talk to God but you’re kinda-sorta not sure He’s even listening

So you kinda-sorta hang in there

Though you’re kinda-sorta not sure you’ll even get into heaven

You kinda-sorta just hope that when all is said and done

Everything will kinda-sorta work out somehow

But there are moments, agonizing flickers that you quickly wish away, when you kinda-sorta wish you could be sure.

I don’t kinda-sorta have to guess how this feels. I know for sure because I’ve been there. Because these are all snapshots from various points in my life. Now? I’m no longer kinda-sorta saved because:

It’s a totally different thing when GOD HIMSELF shows you the depth of His love not just for this world…but for you…yes, even you.

If you’re looking for instant solutions/answers, you’re better off looking elsewhere. This is the last place you’ll find them.

All you’ll find here are more snapshots. From my journey to God to what is now my  journey with God.

How I pray that more of us would realize that the greatest thing we get from the Cross isn’t the forgiveness of our sins or a gate-pass into heaven…it’s God Himself.

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