Rose Gold Crowns

In God’s Hands

Being a Christian leader is a never-ending journey of learning to trust God more and more. Not just with our personal lives but even with the lives of those He’s entrusted us to steward. But as a leader, it’s easy to get into superhero mode where you’re desperately trying to keep everything and everyone together. […]

Marriage Bed

The Price Of Wholeness

Wholeness isn’t something everyone wants but it’s something we all need. It may sound like a strange statement to make but if you’ve journeyed with people for a while whether personally, professionally or in a ministry context then you understand exactly what I mean. There’s an allure to being broken and staying broken. Sure, we […]


A Question Of Identity

Figuring out who we are and who we’re called to be is a lifelong endeavour. The paths we take on this journey are often determined by factors that we’re not always conscious of. Some of these factors are pain, doubt and fear. As Christians, it goes without saying that the source of our identity is […]