Scrapbook #7: Emmanuel

“Stunning. He was given a name to explain exactly where He is during my deepest need. He is Emmanuel – God is with us. He is not a concept, a theory or a theology. He is not a system or a religion. He is not an icon, a figurehead, or a mythical movement leader. He […]

Christianity God Salvation

Burn Me Beautiful

“In this world you will have trouble…”                                      – John 16:33 Burn me beautiful. These three words reverberated in my heart the second Steffany Gretzinger uttered them in a video I was watching. Burn me beautiful. What a […]


To Be Like Christ (Part III)

“They’d taken the Bible the Farmer had in his hand to give the boy who could read-and these 3 boys in Minotiere who have never owned a book, who have never had a Bible of their own, they’d decided amongst themselves in this grand generous gesture-to split the Bible between the three of them, to […]