Project Farming Excerpts #21

Harvest. How do we bear fruit? Knowledge (from the kingdom or the world) is received by our minds. That knowledge is seed(s). Our hearts are the ground in which these seeds are planted. For as long as a seed finds favourable conditions, it will grow and possibly bear fruit. So both those in the kingdom…Read more »

Project Farming Excerpts #20

Resources. Farming is hard work. Getting a good harvest requires a lot. Today let’s take time to pray over resources for our land. The no.1 resource we have is the Holy Spirit, followed by people, then things… Let’s pray for God to open our eyes that we would recognize the resources He is bringing our…Read more »

Project Farming Excerpts #19

Roots. People usually use the terms drought and famine interchangeably to refer to the same thing. But they’re actually not the same. Drought is a deficiency in water supply. Famine refers to scarcity of harvest [food] due to several factors one of which could be drought. So you can actually have drought without famine and…Read more »