Here’s a quick tour of what goes on around here. 🙂


I post twice a month on the blog.

Beginning of the month – general post on Christian life. There’s a rich archive of posts that go back to 2012 (and no, that wasn’t the genesis of my blogging; merely a transition.)

You can explore older posts through the Archive section at the bottom of the page.

Middle of the month – relationship series aka Marriage Bed (catch up on older posts here.)

Rose Gold Crowns:

Monthly series on Christian women in leadership. From 2019, posts will be emailed at the end of every month to those who’ve signed up for them. Subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/geg9Qn.

Meanwhile, you can catch up on 2018 posts here.


Project Farming – a 21-day devotional – is available for purchase here.

I’m currently working on some new resources which I hope to publish in the course of 2019.

Kairos Consultancy:

My husband and I run a resource platform for believers in the marketplace. We believe that God’s presence should abound not just in our churches, but in our homes, schools, workplaces and nations too.

Check out Kairos here.

That’s about it. So grab some tea (yes, I’m biased), get comfy and let’s talk about Jesus.