Christianity Woman At The Well

Women Who Water Well #3

This month on Woman At The Well I’m celebrating women who’ve watered me well. Celebrating: Sarah. 🥳 Sarah is not only my friend but she’s also my pastor, an office she occupies with poise and boldness. And when she leads worship in song…whew. You better be ready to be wrecked in God’s presence. I’ve always […]

Christianity Church On Monday

Church On Monday: An Introduction

What did you get from church this past weekend? How are you applying it in your life this week? Check out this week’s episode of my video series – Church On Monday.  #ChurchOnMonday  #LionessRoar #DontJustHearTheWord #BecomeADoerOfTheWord #ChasingAfterGodsHeart Church on Monday: Turn the word of God into flesh by applying it every day. “But be doers of […]

Christianity Monday Miracles

How Are You?

There’s someone I know who asks – how are you – twice. The first time gets the polite pre-conditioned variation of “I’m fine/good/well” out of the way. The second time gets you thinking – how am I, really? And wow, you actually want to know? It’s a nifty strategy get you to open up. But […]