Christianity Rose Gold Crowns


It’s easy to get caught up in it all.

The motions of life that propel us from one situation and activity to the next.

The responsibilities that demand our attention and the crises that threaten to divert us from our goals.

As I continually consider the weight of the path God has me on, I find I want to be more present in the in between.


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Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #39: Good Enough

“If the devil can’t take what you have, he devalues it to a place where you want what others have, because you don’t think what you have is good enough.”

– Kelvin Karomo

1. You gotta give it to the devil. He has a pretty shrewd head on his shoulders.

2. Comparison is as terrible as contentment is wonderful.

3. I once read a great tweet (by someone who for the life of me I now can’t remember) to the effect that if you want their success and glory you better be willing to take their demons and battles too.

4. We all have to deal with the good and hard of life.

5. The crux of it is that we all have grace uniquely designed for our lives. So if you’re chasing after your idealistic (but not necessarily realistic) version of someone else, you’ll fail miserably. Not because you suck as a human being, but because your grace is for your life not anyone else’s. 😉

6. The love of the Father is so uniquely grand that each one of us is a sacred expression of Him.

7. Let’s honour Him and ourselves by being the truest versions of ourselves we could ever be.