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Pastor Appreciation Month: Prayer

We get to end the month on the same note we started it on – by honouring the ministers in our lives, this time in prayer.

If you’ve just joined this party and have no idea what’s happening, read this first. It’s not too late to get it done. Besides, the heart of this call is to stir up a culture in us that regularly extends gratitude and honour to those God is using to bless us.

As we come to the end of Pastor Appreciation Month, more commonly known as October, I’d like us to take time to pray over these ministers as follows:

  1. Refreshing for them and their ministries – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
  2. Increase in capacity for their families as the ministers continue to grow in ministry. Any minister will tell you that their family is always right there with them for all the ups and downs.
  3. New wine for new seasons – as we draw near to the end of the year, may God infill them with new revelation and direction for the coming year and equip them accordingly for it.

Christianity Rose Gold Crowns

Pastor Appreciation Month

This leadership post comes at the beginning rather than the end of the month since October is Pastor Appreciation Month. It’s not something that’s widely celebrated (at least not in this part of the world) but I’m hoping to change that a little.

I’ve always found it ironic how quick we are to drag people under the bus at the slightest allegation of failure but celebrating those who have faithfully supplied into our lives over the years while they’re still alive to hear it is like pulling teeth.

Instead of the usual leadership thoughts I’d normally share, I make this request: this month, find a way to appreciate those God has used to minister to you in the past and in the present. I won’t prescribe what makes a worthy celebration. That’s between you, God and them.

Oh, and I’m a pastor’s wife so this is a completely biased post. But consider that because of this, I know better than most, what the cost of ministry truly is. And the difference it makes for even one person to say thank you.

Be blessed!