Marriage Bed

Where Is Your Time?

How much time do you spend talking about your marriage/relationship/singlehood? How much time do you spend lamenting and complaining about what’s frustrating you? How much time do you spend learning about relationship matters? How much time do you spend actually praying about it/for yourself/for your partner? One of the critical lessons God has taught me […]


God’s Report

Ours is an endless information age. From the moment we open our eyes (and likely turn to our phones) to the moment we close them (and likely turn away from our phones), we spend our days constantly bombarded with all kinds of information. Frivolous information about what famous people are up to. Heartbreaking information about […]

Christianity Rose Gold Crowns

Pastor Appreciation Month: Prayer

We get to end the month on the same note we started it on – by honouring the ministers in our lives, this time in prayer. If you’ve just joined this party and have no idea what’s happening, read this first. It’s not too late to get it done. Besides, the heart of this call […]