How’s Work?

After class chit chat. We’re waiting for someone.

A familiar face joins us. A familiar question is asked.

“How’s work?”

A familiar response is given.

A response that leads to unfamiliar territory.

“Why is it that every time I ask that question the same kind of answers are given?”




“Kwani there’s no one who likes their jobs?”

Hmmm…it’s then I realize the startling accuracy of her observation. I’ve never looked at it that way. Many days later…many weeks later I’m still stuck on it.

How can so many be so unhappy about the one thing they spend most of their lives doing?

Are we doing life THAT badly?

It’s one of the many questions I find myself asking.

Of all the ways God could have described Himself to Moses, He chose: I AM.

Not I WAS. Not I WILL BE. I AM. Here. In the present. In the now.

I remember a past conversation with Him. About how quick we are to forget that the present is usually what we prayed for in the past to get in the future which is now. Yeah, I know. I made Him repeat it a couple of times too before I got it. 🙂 Basically-once upon not-a-very-long time ago we were begging Him for what we’re complaining about now.

I remember Ann Voskamp whose life ministry comes down to being thankful in the now…regardless of what now may look like.

I remember one of the suggestions made for our Ladies’ fellowship at the beginning of the year. A gratitude jar. You write down the stuff you’re thankful for and put it in the jar. The plan is to open the jar at the end of the year. I’d decided to do a journal instead…so I can write for longer. But I haven’t been writing in it as much lately.

I remember Heather Lindsey’s words: “Give your spouse the gift of contentment.”

Do we ever give God the gift of contentment?

Do I ever give God the gift of contentment?

Not nearly enough.

Yet the days I reach for my gratitude journal I find that joy comes much easier. The days I focus on the 97% of my life that’s working instead of the 3% that’s not [thank you, Jenn Johnson!] I have more peace.

The days I make the conscious choice to count it all joy unto Him…my joy is made full in Him. And the more I do it, the easier it becomes. Until looking to Him becomes a natural response in all things.

I’ll skip talking about doing better…and get right on with it.

3 replies on “How’s Work?”

Oh my. Yes. I too noticed that.

The whole ‘being present’ thing is somewhat harder. We always try to project ourselves into the future or run from our past. I’m learning too.

Showers have become romantic. Walking has become cooling. Learning too how to stop buzzing and take it all in. Like really see.

Lovely darling


Mmmhhh…I’ve been doing this thing for a while now…whenever I’m commuting to wherever I stay away from my phone. Instead of staring at a tiny screen I stare at the world around me. All in the sprit of being all here in the present. Done wonders for me.


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