No More Filters

“There are too many filters and I’m sick of it. Sure. Filters make us look good. (Instagram, anyone?) Filters make you sound good. (Nice Facebook post you re-wrote 14 times.) Filters make us seem good. (You didn’t dare mention what you really thought when you were kissing ass at that conference, did you?) But filters are ruining us. Because […]

Christianity God Salvation

Burn Me Beautiful

“In this world you will have trouble…”                                      – John 16:33 Burn me beautiful. These three words reverberated in my heart the second Steffany Gretzinger uttered them in a video I was watching. Burn me beautiful. What a […]


To Be Like Christ (Part III)

“They’d taken the Bible the Farmer had in his hand to give the boy who could read-and these 3 boys in Minotiere who have never owned a book, who have never had a Bible of their own, they’d decided amongst themselves in this grand generous gesture-to split the Bible between the three of them, to […]