Who You Are

 “Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them.” – Unknown (Gem courtesy of Koki Oyuke) It’s a tragedy when women are diminished. But it’s especially heartbreaking when women diminish themselves. Our biggest enemy as women is not the world. It’s not the devil. It’s not the errant corners of the Body of Christ.…Read more »

Divine Sisterhood

When did we become enemies? Why are we at war with everyone and everything in and out of sight? Why are we at war with self? When did we get trapped in the never-ending cycle of comparison? That our bodies, our lives, our being, can only be assessed by stacking them against another’s. As though…Read more »

Celebrating Woman

Being a woman in this crazy world we live in can be quite the experience. There are times I’ve joked with friends that we should get hardship allowance for some of the stuff we go through or have to put up with by virtue of our gender. [Heh. I’m not even going to go down…Read more »