With Her Suitcase

It’s a Sunday morning like any other. The estate streets are relatively deserted. The ground beneath me is wet from the gentle rain that fell all night. There’s a pleasant quiet in the air like the world around me is having its Sabbath too. I’m staring out of the matatu window when I see her.…Read more »

Road To Emmaus

When I started off on this crazy journey of chasing God, I used to ask for more of His presence. The more I saw and heard Him, the more of His presence I asked for. But somewhere along the way I realized I’d been praying all wrong. And to His credit, God had understood what…Read more »


A-l-p-h-a-z. He spells out his name when I give him a blank stare for the third time. We’re standing in the middle of a busy street because he stopped me. But every word coming out of his mouth further blurs out the world around us. “Excuse me, Madam? Can you help me?” He switches easily…Read more »