Road To Emmaus

When I started off on this crazy journey of chasing God, I used to ask for more of His presence.

The more I saw and heard Him, the more of His presence I asked for.

But somewhere along the way I realized I’d been praying all wrong. And to His credit, God had understood what I needed was not what asking for and graciously answered me anyway.

It wasn’t more of His presence I needed.

He was already present.

In my life. In the world around me.

He isn’t I WILL BE. He is I AM.

He’s not God WILL BE with us. At some point, in the distant convenient future.

He’s Emmanuel. God with us. Right here in the madness and chaos of life.

It wasn’t more of His presence I needed.

I already had more of it than I realized.

And that right there was the problem. I didn’t know. I had no idea just how present He was.

What I was in desperate need of – was more awareness of His presence.

A lot changed when that clicked into place.

No longer did I just hope I’d see God in different areas of my life. I began to expect to see Him there because the truth was that He was already there. Which came with an even more startling realization.

In the most unexpected places, He is there too.

In the heartache and the pain. In the sorrow and the misery. In the brokenness that knows no logic or reason. In the darkness that doesn’t seem to end.

He’s right in the middle of it all.

While this knowledge of Him was new to me, it was actually who He’s been all along.

Using the unexpected. Doing the unexpected. Being the unexpected.

The Bible is full of these unexpected moments.

That’s what the Road to Emmaus (and every post under it) means to me. My experience with the unexpectedness of my God. When He takes the box I inadvertently put Him in and blows it sky high.

Every day, I find God on the Road to Emmaus.

Doing the extraordinary in midst of the ordinary.

Being an unexpected God who loves surprising me with all that He is.

More…so much more…than I could possibly hope for or imagine.

And I’ve come to treasure Him all the more for it.

3 replies on “Road To Emmaus”

🙂 (y) Thank you Mary for sharing your heart. And Purity says, “Do it with me too LORD. Why? 🙂 Because You can. Just because You can. 🙂 I bless Your Holy Name LORD. 🙂 Thank You. Thank You. 🙂 “


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