Scrapbook #6: Seeds & Prayer

“Some answers come in seed form – He gives us an acorn instead of the oak tree we asked for. Proper stewardship of what He has given us determines the depth of the answer. The small shoot growing out of an acorn is a lot easier to harm than is the trunk of a full grown oak tree. Treat small answers with care – faith.”

– Bill Johnson

1. I don’t think there’s such a thing as an unanswered prayer. More like unexpected answers to our prayers. Yes. No. Maybe. All these and everything in between suffice as answers. But we often get so caught up expecting a certain response that we miss out on Him.

2. We are those Pharisees. So set in our expectation of a political king we miss out on the everlasting Messiah. So set in our ways we miss out on His.

3. Why is it that even with the history God has of doing the ridiculous and unexpected throughout the Bible (and beyond), we still expect Him to answer our prayers in “normal”, “logical” ways?

4. Why do we feel the need to box God into what we can fathom and understand? Into what seems plausible? Doesn’t that beat the point of having a God who can do the impossible? Who can blow our minds with who He is and all He is capable of?

5. Do we really trust in His love and goodness? Trust that He withholds nothing good from us? Do we know Him enough…His mind and heart as far as we’re concerned…to trust His intentions for us? Just how well do we know this God we pray to? Really?

6. God is love. His every response to us is rooted in who He is-love. Far too often we try to box His love into our understanding rather than expanding our understanding to encompass His love.

7. Making a prayer is only half of the equation. A gift left unopened is no better than a gift not received at all. Have we received His answers to our prayers?

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