Spontaneous Worship

I remember the season I first heard spontaneous worship. The exact moment is a blur but the entire experience is crystal clear. I was barely a pre-teen hearing heaven’s melodies without a single clue what they were. It’s a difficult thing to explain over a decade later. How exactly does one describe going about their…Read more »

The Madness Of Praise

“When you have an attitude of praise, you won’t be able to outrun the goodness of God. What you send up comes back down.” – Joel Osteen In a world where decisions are increasingly based on feelings, praise is often reduced to a feeling. Praise here being a descriptor of all things worship. Not just…Read more »

The Joy Of The Lord

I’ve been doing my gratitude challenge for a while now. Nothing much to it. Just intentionally noting down stuff I’m grateful for every other day. It makes a world of difference when it comes to giving God Honest Worship. Lately though, I’ve noticed I’m thanking God a lot for people who’ve made me laugh. Thanking…Read more »