Christianity Monday Miracles

Take Me Deeper

We have this song we sing at INFEMI.

Ankle-height? Noooo!
Knee-height? Noooo!
Waist height? Noooo!
I want overflow….

I laughed the first time I heard it because:

1) it’s a really fun song. So much so that it was an instant hit with the church kids.

2) Ezekiel 47 has been stalking me for the last couple of years.

There was a season where every other sermon, song and even book I came across made some direct or indirect reference to it. Even my dreams were vivid reminders of it.

It’s ironic that such a happy-go-lucky song could carry such a weighty prayer.

But somehow it does.

It brings me full circle to decades worth of conversations with God.

The longer I walk with Him, the simpler my prayers have become. Take me deeper, Lord.

I want overflow.

P.S. Learning the story behind the song made it all the more special to me. But it’s not my story to tell – H.O.O.D episode from Sarah, maybe? 😏


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