Christianity Woman At The Well

Women Who Water Well #1

This month on Woman At The Well I’m celebrating women who’ve watered me well.

Celebrating: Koki 🥳

Everyone has a story of how they joined the church they belong to. Koki is at the centre of my story with INFEMI. 

Over the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of watching her grow into the formidable force she is today. 

Today, I want to honour her. As a treasured friend and trusted leader. 

When I think of women who’ve owned their space in private and in public, she’s right up there on my list. The battles have been far from easy. But she’s a flower blooming in the desert. 

She’s one of a kind. A #DaughterDestinedForDominion. 

Having a tiny peek into what God is up to in her and her husband’s life has been one of my greatest life privileges. 

I can’t wait to see what this decade holds for the Oyuke household. 

God’s only just began. 

I’m ready with my popcorn and pom-poms.

Cheering you on, Koki (& Skillz & Jaz)!



We’re having our ladies’ conference in November. Come join us? Bring a friend. We’d love to have you.

Event: Restored Woman Conference

Location: Sarit Centre, Maai Hall

Date: November 5th & 6th 2021

Theme: #DaughtersDestinedForDominion

Entry: FREE

Follow @restoredwomanke for more updates.

#DaughtersDestinedForDominion #OwningMySpace #ByCelebratingOthers #TryIt #ItDoesWondersForTheSoul

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