Christianity Woman At The Well

Don’t Forget To Remember

Drinking From: A nugget shared by Cece Winans “We only doubt God when we forget what He’s already done.” Cece Winans [sharing something she came across] Looking at the places where doubt has crept into my heart, I know this to be true.  There’s a giant location marker that reads: Here, Mary forgot.  She forgot […]

Christianity Monday Miracles

Living Temple

Thankful For: Cathedral by Jonathan McReynolds Sometimes songs just hit you different. You’ve heard them before but then you have a moment/season where they burrow into your spirit and refuse to leave. Cathedral has been on heavy rotation in my spirit this season. It so beautifully captures the cry of my heart. Take this lump […]


Encountering God – Part IV

That’s right. You are your biggest idol. People will give up a lot of things. They’ll even leave people and family behind. But the one thing only a few do, is give up self. Their dreams. Their wants and desires. Their will. Allow yourself to die. It goes against every instinct we have and yet […]