Christianity Woman At The Well

Prisoner Of Hope

God led me to this verse in a season where there was a lot of hopelessness around me. Not so much in my own life. But more so in the lives of those He was opening my eyes to.

I went to Him brokenhearted. I had no power to help them. Nothing much to offer them.

He had revealed their problems to me. But I needed Him to open my eyes to see His goodness in the darkness they were in. One blind person can only lead another into a ditch.

Years later I still don’t have the language to describe the encounters I had with God then. All I can say is that I emerged from that season with spiritual night vision. I see God in places and situations many would miss Him.

When I tag #PrisonerOfHope on my posts, it’s not just a cute statement. It’s a declaration of my allegiance.

I choose to shackle myself to the stronghold of hope. I choose to shackle myself to the goodness and mercy of God. I choose to shackle myself to God, who is unchanging and ever faithful and true.

Whether in the noontime or the midnight hour, I am a prisoner of hope.

It’s a stronghold I never want to be free of.

I have made it my home.


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