Christianity Woman At The Well

Finding Home

I woke up one Saturday morning and I heard God tell me to go to South B. I’d been praying for a place of my own and this was an unusual answer.

I figured out how to get there and God told me to alight at a specific bus stop. I looked around and asked Him – what now?

When my eyes landed on a rickety wooden board on an electricity pole with numbers to call for houses I laughed.

No way. Are You trying to get me conned?

God wasn’t budging. If anything He made it clear which of the numbers I should call.

Since I’d already made the trip, there was no sense not following through with what brought me there.

I called the number and a lanky man showed up. We exchanged pleasantries and he offered to show me a couple of apartments.

With each one we went through, my heart sank further. None of them felt right.

We got to the last one on his list. The one he was least enthusiastic about.

It was in an older building and smaller than what we’d seen so far.

But it was perfect for me.

That’s how I found the home I lived in till I got married.

What I didn’t know that day was just how many needs God had met in that one answer. Things I hadn’t even known to pray for.

The rent was well within my budget. It was never increased all the years I lived there.

We never had any water or power issues.

There was never any drama with the neighbours or my landlord.

A big shopping mall was literally less than a minute away on foot.

I found a salon on the same street as my apartment.

I paid 10 bob to go to work and 20 bob to get home.

The area was well lit with a great matatu circuit that operated late into the night which became a huge blessing when I had to do late commutes from my evening classes.

Oh, and my regular bus stop was the one I alighted at that day.

This is my Jesus. This is one of eleventy million reasons why I believe in Him the way I do. He’s not just a story or a song to me. I have experienced His goodness and mercy in every day practical ways that continue to astound me. That’s why I can say with certainty – He is worth trusting and obeying.


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