God Needs Your Donkey

S/O to my dear friend, Sarah, whose statement [title] sparked this post and her S.O., Rev. Richie, whose question posed to our church fanned the flames.  In the aftermath of days of heavy rain and flooding in Nairobi, as we came together as a community to pray, Richie asked us to offer solutions instead of criticism as…Read more »

Scrapbook #29: Hairbrush

1. As I watched this, I simultaneously laughed and teared up. 2. Reminded me so much of all the crazy conversations I have with the Holy Spirit. Had a major wait-I’m-not-the-only-crazy-one moment. 3. It’s just like God to make such requests. S/O to anyone who’s ever experienced God’s sense of humour lol… 4. Sometimes we…Read more »