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Compromised Leader

Earlier this month on the blog, we looked at the realities that come with the promises of God and the danger of compromise. I want to extend that conversation from personal level to leadership level. [Continued…] New Rose Gold Crowns Post has been sent out. Sign up here to follow our conversations on Christian women […]



Have you ever noticed that the word – compromise – is mostly made up of the word – promise? Another fun fact: the prefix “com” means with/together/in association. Preceding compromise is the promise of something. Adam and Eve had been given Eden by God. Esau had his inheritance as first born. Saul had divine favour […]

Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #41: God’s Promise

“When God makes a promise, He doesn’t take it back.” – Bianca Olthoff (Play With Fire) 1. Not too long ago, I watched a sermon called The War In Your Head by Bill Johnson that messed me up a good one. 2. He speaks about how miracles aren’t about solving an immediate problem. Their primary […]