Scrapbook #10: Trust Issues

1. From something I read somewhere: you can only be influenced by a person you trust. If you don’t trust God, there is no way you will fully follow His lead.

2. Which means that the areas you struggle to follow His lead are the areas you haven’t fully trusted Him on.

3. Trusting God for me means knowing He has my best interests at heart. Regardless of what a situation looks like. Knowing it not just as a logical thought in my head, but a daily truth in my heart that I get to constantly witness.

4. Experience lends to faith. The more we trust Him and experience His faithfulness, the more cemented our trust in Him becomes.

5. But we have to take that first leap of faith and trust Him to take care of the how.

One reply on “Scrapbook #10: Trust Issues”

This reminds me of a dream I had once. God was telling me to just trust Him and jump. Trust to me means knowing that even in the worst, He has the best for me. Not mind knowledge but heart knowledge.


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