Scrapbook #11: Ready For Church?

“As many of us head into a church service today, I want to share something my pastor, Dave Buehring said in the section on worship in his “A Discipleship Journey” app. He said, “Imagine what it would be like to come into a Sunday morning and everybody has prepared their hearts as a worshipper. Can you imagine the shout of worship that would go before God because we all came in with our hearts prepared, rather than coming in with a ‘hey, pull me in to worship’ [mentality]?”

Take a moment before you walk through your church doors to prepare your heart in worship. Make today (and every day) about blessing and ministering to our great and mighty God, who is so worthy to be praised!”

– Mandisa

1. Something to think about for this and every other Sunday.

2. Actually, every day for the rest of your life. 🙂

3. To paraphrase the popular quote, ask not what God, your pastor, worship leader, [insert church post here] can do for you, but rather what you can do for them.

4. What a wonderful, selfless world it would be if we all did so.

5. What a wonderful, selfless, loving Church we would be.

6. Sounds like an impossibility, right?

7. Good thing our Jesus has a speciality in the impossible stuff.

8. He can help you love more…give more…if you ask…

9. …And take action in faith…without waiting to feel it before you do it.

10. Does your life display the fruit of love? Loving people as you love yourself?

11. Here’s to being impossibly selfless!

One reply on “Scrapbook #11: Ready For Church?”

This is Precise and essential truth needed by every Disciple of Christ.The heart of a Christian ought to be yielded to God, that He may accept worship….true worship. The ‘breaking’ of the heart (by self) to receive, is like preparing the ground for rain and must be done with intentionality. A broken heart and contrite spirit is what God accepts as the proper attitude of a true worshipper.


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