Lead Me To The Wells

“They said, ‘We see plainly that the Lord has been with you.'”

– Genesis 26:28 (ESV)

As I scrolled through my Instagram feed towards the end of last year, this verse popped up and stopped me in my tracks. There was just something about it that I couldn’t shake off, so much so I went looking for the entire chapter to find out just what the backstory was.

Isaac is married to Rebekah and they’re living in a time of famine where the Lord has given them specific instructions on where to sojourn. The irony/miracle in this story is that in the middle of a famine – they keep digging wells and finding water which meets all their needs and then some, making them really wealthy.

It’s not just that God is with them – it’s how clear it is for the Philistines to see that indeed He is. Philistines who don’t even believe in this God to begin with – are talking about how clear it is for them that God has been with Isaac.

That got me.

How evident the hand of God on a man’s life must be for even they who don’t believe in Him to confess that indeed they see the work of this hand.

That got me good.

God needed no explanation.

The work of His hand needed no explanation.

It was plain for all to see.

Right there and then this plea sprung up deep inside of me – lead me to the wells.

Lead me to the wells that hold Your destiny for me.

Lead me to the wells of they that have gone before me that still hold my inheritance.

Lead me to the wells that will provide not just for me and mine but my generation and they who come after us.

Lead me to the wells that will no room for doubt that indeed You are Jesus, my King, and Your goodness knows no end.

Lead me to the wells that will testify of Your glory long, long, long after I’m gone.

This is my heart’s cry for 2018.

That when all is said and done, all will clearly see that the Lord has been with me.

For then my life can be a prophecy of a God who is everything He says He is and who does the very impossible that our hearts desperately want to be true but our minds can’t even begin to imagine.

Here I stand, Lord.

Lead me to the wells.

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