Divine Sisterhood

When did we become enemies?

Why are we at war with everyone and everything in and out of sight?

Why are we at war with self?

When did we get trapped in the never-ending cycle of comparison? That our bodies, our lives, our being, can only be assessed by stacking them against another’s. As though the blueprint for our existence is in the blueprint for another and not in the heart of the Almighty?

When did we buy into the notion that we can’t all win? There’s not enough room in the spotlight for two because her shine takes away from mine? The same God who found room for everything in the universe is incapable of positioning you and another correctly? Really? Don’t we have enough challenges to deal with without adding each other to the list?

When did we get so tangled up in labelling and defining our issues that we lost track of the path to freedom and healing? Articulation of issues is a means to an end not the end in itself. Yet we seem to argue more about articulation and whose side we’re on than getting back to wholeness.

When did our rights become so supreme that we believe we can give and take life as we please? I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. Can one who doesn’t exist be known? Shouldn’t this tell us that the existence of human life is beyond our bodies? Beyond us?

When did we decide to define ourselves as women as though we created ourselves and each other? The world and various parts of the Body of Christ have made a mockery out of figuring us out. It’s folly to think that we will automatically succeed where they failed. Can the clay tell the Potter what it is and what it should be? Have we truly grasped the magnitude of woman as God intended her to be?

When did we decide to settle for crumbs on the floor when we have a standing invitation to a feast at the Lord’s table?

That we live in a broken and very messed up world is not in contention.

However, the role we play in it as women is. Very much so.

Do we realize that our areas of struggle are in fact our areas of strength?

We take off running in the opposite direction of everything God has called us because it is in our embracing of who we are that we will finally find peace…we will finally find the place where we unashamedly belong and can fruitfully function.

We wrestle with our femininity because a woman whose gender is forged in eternal fire is a breathtaking sight to behold and can withstand everything that comes her way.

We struggle with unity because it is in our coming together as women in the name of Jesus and under the banner of Christ that makes us a force hell has to reckon with.

We contend with confining templates, boxes, checklists and labels because it is in the diversity of our unique expressions that we are able to share and experience the magnitude of what God has deposited in each of us.

We drown in slander and gossip because we have the profound power to speak life to the driest of bones and they will surely come to life.

We’re powerful enough to come together and build our very own Tower of Babel. In some ways, these towers have come to life. But it is a false sense of refuge and security whose only guarantee is its eventual crumble to rubble.

Divine sisterhood is about being united in the purpose of God.

We’re powerful enough to lay down our beautiful crowns at the feet of Jesus. Allow Him to define who we should be as women. It takes confident assurance in your identity to be humble and submit to another. It takes a surety in Christ to gladly take a step back and allow another’s strength to shine. It takes courage and strength to step into your own shoes and love them and yourself for everything they are and everything they’re not.

Now we become friends.

More than friends.


Bound together by the most powerful force that exists in the heavens and the earth.


A God who doesn’t just love but is LOVE.  

And wouldn’t you know it?

Here comes the victory.


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