Celebrating Woman

Being a woman in this crazy world we live in can be quite the experience. There are times I’ve joked with friends that we should get hardship allowance for some of the stuff we go through or have to put up with by virtue of our gender. [Heh. I’m not even going to go down this road because this will become an entirely different post.]

Yet when I sit with God and I hear His heart for woman, I can’t help but be honoured to be one and to be in awe of my fellow sisters.

“When I look at you I see something more . . . I see promise. I see a generation of daughters so terrifying to the enemy that he will do whatever he can in his power to distort your image, pervert your beauty, and rob you of your strength and power.

He is the father of lies and speaks to you through a glass but darkly. But the Father of Light longs to speak to you face-to-face. He wants to touch the dark places where the wounding is so deep and severe it threatens to define your very existence.

Ask, and He will allow you to behold Him. He will reach beyond the glass and call you all-together lovely and His own.”

– From Fight Like A Girl By Lisa Bevere

We are His beloved.

We truly are.

But in the world we live in, it’s easy to forget and so I want to take a moment to remember. To remind you.

We are women.

We are blessed.

And I’m thankful.

So thankful.

I’m thankful for the way we tell our stories. We live for the small stuff and the details. If you ever want a one-line, two-word summary of what happened, ask a guy. If you want a blow-by-blow account of every scene, the ladies have your back. J

I’m thankful for our emotions. Yes, they may roil and rage sometimes. But they connect us to each other and to God’s heart like nothing else. They help us see intimately into everyone around us. They help us draw out the gold that’s been hidden deep within the people in our lives.

I’m thankful for the way we come in different shapes and sizes. The world would be such a dull place if we were carbon copies each other. Forget the world’s beauty standards that change every few seconds and think for a moment – you are made in God’s image. No beauty trend or fashion statement trumps that.

I’m thankful for our bodies. Our ability to conceive and carry life. Not just physically but spiritually. The transformations and adjustments our bodies make to make room for our babies and to take care of them after birth. Our bodies are a marvel.

I’m thankful for the beauty that we add to the world. With our words. With our creativity. With our joy and laughter. With our talents and abilities. With our feminine expression. With our existence.

I’m thankful for our ability to build bridges where walls have taken root. We’re the heartbeat of relationships. We’re magnets for restoration even when we’re completely oblivious of it.

I’m thankful for our resilience. Every time we take a hit, we get back up. We just don’t know how to stay down. Best believe we got that from our Father.

I’m thankful for the way we love. Wholeheartedly. Sparkle in our eyes. Heart over heels. Giddy with excitement. Just can’t keep it in. We give our all.

I’m thankful for the way we nurture. How we can take one seed and grow forests and civilizations out of it. How we can take that which is broken and speak life to make it whole.

I’m thankful for our gentility and softness. That it has been misused and mishandled doesn’t make it any less valuable and worthy of being deeply treasured. Tenderness is a rare currency in a violent, jaded world.

I’m thankful for our wisdom. For our intuitiveness. For the insights we seem to innately have. For the value our voices bring to every table.

I’m thankful for our strength. Our fortitude. We are pillars. We uphold. We hold steady. We hold the course even when the seas are rough.

I’m thankful for our persistence. The way we believe in ourselves. In each other. The way we believe in people. The way we fight for them. Even when all seems lost, still we hope and pray and wait and work. And stay. We stay. When everyone else has left, we stay fighting for what we believe in.

God looked at Eden and all He had created including man and realized something was missing. We were missing. The world wasn’t complete without us.

The world isn’t complete without you.

You’re not an accident.

You’re not a mistake.

You are woman.

You are blessed.

Be still and know.


Remember who you are in Him.

Deeply treasured.

Deeply loved.

Fully embraced.

Always known.

“We not only have to think good things, we have to say them. I believe most Christians don’t do this. A lot of people will meditate and pray silently, but we must give them a voice. God created the universe with words. He gave us His words to speak.”

– Paul Milligan

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