Updates for 2019.

The year has begun on a somber note for our nation. But we can’t afford to cower in fear when there’s much to be done.

I’ve spent January getting my gears in order for 2019 as it’s going to be a packed year on many fronts. The new year has brought with it some critical shifts in season which translate into 2 key changes:

  • Only 2 posts will be published here every month. This will allow me to do more offline writing for some projects I’m super excited about. \O/
  • Rose Gold Crowns – our leadership series – will now be shared via email subscription at the end of every month. To receive these nuggets filled with goodness and sprinkled with wisdom, subscribe here:

There will also be more resources made available on the store in the course of the year.

We need to build in 2019. Not in our own strength but in the Lord’s.

Let’s get to it.


Rose Gold Crowns is an ongoing conversation on Christian women in leadership. While the posts are primarily about and tailored for women, I am cognizant of the fundamental role men play in our lives. For this reason, the invitation to Rose Gold Crowns is open to both women and men.

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