This marks the last post of the year as I’ll be on sabbatical in December until early next year. Hearty thanks to everyone who showed up, spent time here and gave me their sentiments online or in person. I believe the best way to change the world is one person at a time. You’re my one person. 🙂

As I wind down 2018, these are some of the thoughts I’m carrying with me:

  1. Creativity can be governed by discipline. When I started off this year I wasn’t entirely sure I’d have something to say every single week. But I showed up at my desk. God showed up too, like He always does. And here we are, many months and posts later, looking back at a mountain of treasure.
  2. Sometimes life is hard, and you don’t have to tough your way through it all. It was a rough year for people close to me. In many ways, it was also a difficult year for me. I’m learning to breathe through the seasons and to be okay not having it all figured out.
  3. There’s always something to be thankful for. What started as a nondescript challenge for me years ago has entirely upended my life in the best of ways. Gratitude is one of the most understated weapons we have as believers and I’ve used it liberally this year.
  4. Loving Christ is nowhere near as hard as loving His Bride. Am I willing to live for the Church? Am I willing to die for her? My meditations are still far too raw for a public post but someday I’ll write about it. Because I’m coming to realize that Christ and His Bride are a package deal – can’t pick and choose one over the other.
  5. I wouldn’t be where I am, I wouldn’t be who I am, without the men and women who’ve gone ahead of me in life and in ministry, and the ones who are running beside me – who cheer me on and pick me up when life floors me, who challenge me and keep me in check. Only God can reward your love and faithfulness. May He do so abundantly.

Happy Holidays waaaaay in advance!

See you in 2019! If that feels like forever away, you can always check out the Archives for posts you may have missed or may need to read again. 😉

6 replies on “2018.”

Mary I love how diligent you have been with writing. It has really inspired me that you just do and get up ready to write and allow God to lead you especially since staring at a blank blog post or page can be daunting. Thanks for sharing every week.

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A friend recommended your blog to me and I have not been disappointed. Your wealth of wisdom is close to none.thanks for sharing.
I await more wisdom come 2019.
Your sabbatical from this site has me thinking ,should I too take one🤔🤔?

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I just discovered this place today,can y’all imagine? I know…i know,’WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL THIS TIME?!’ I wonder too.
Totally Gods timing for me i believe.Definitely going through the old posts with my pen and paper..yearning for God to let me catch Him too.
This year is ending so so well for me,super pumped to see what the new year holds!
Cheers to becoming…(I AM SERIES,..) and happy holidays to you and my fellow subies!

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