Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #3: Testimony


1. You know that question people ask about who you’d invite for dinner if you could-people you’d like to meet and interact with? This man is on my very short list.

2. The Spirit of prophecy bears the testimony of Jesus. [who He is and all the wonderfully impossible things He can do]

3. Testimony means “do it again”. So every time we give a testimony we’re saying- God did it for me, and He can do it again [for you]!

4. My dear friend touched on this during our Sunday intercession – when someone testifies of God’s goodness in their life, it’s as much for us as it is for them. But we get so caught up in feeling cheated because we haven’t gotten what we want yet, that we fail to receive the testimony of Jesus-the prophecy of what God can still do for us.

5. This was such a heart check for me to be intentional about how I give and receive testimony. Every time I speak of what God has done I’m giving the testimony of Jesus who can do it again-a prophecy as it were. Every time I listen to a testimony being given, I can reach out and claim that prophecy not only for myself but someone I know who may be in need of it.

6. Here’s to greater leaps of faith when it comes to testimony!

2 replies on “Scrapbook #3: Testimony”

Yeah. Intercession last Sunday served as a heart check for me too. I am grateful for it. I am grateful for your sharing this video as well Mary. Very, Very, VERY! GRATEFUL, because through out this past week I had asking myself this, “Why do we give testimonies? What is a testimony?” Do I need to give my testimony? Is it valid? Is it important? Why give it? Will it help someone? Or am I just showing off? Is there a right way or a wrong way to give a testimony? (Now I know. 🙂 THANK YOU!) How come I don’t see those more mature than me in the faith giving testimonies? I am sure that in their walk with God they experience Him much, but why don’t they? Perhaps there is a wisdom that they have come into that has taught them when, where, to whom and how to give their testmonies? So, So many questions! But, thank you. They have ALL pretty much been answered here. And I know that I interact with this word more and more, it will settle in for me. THANK YOU MARY! 🙂 God bless. 🙂


You’re welcome, Purity. 🙂 I think the more people partner with the Holy Spirit even in stuff like giving testimonies, the more He leads you. So that you don’t end up giving the right testimony at the wrong time or the wrong testimony at the right time. He is a God of time and order so He’ll always ensure the conditions are right for that which He wants to do in and through us. I can’t say if there is a set template for giving testimonies because people and conditions vary so much but if we follow His lead we can’t go wrong.


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