Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #35: Surrender

“We fear surrender because we equate this with loss of freedom. Yet, when our lives are left up to us, we are only capable of leading it into destruction. The relinquishing of our wills is the only authentic freedom available.”

– Jackie Hill Perry

1. It’s one of the many paradoxes I’ve come to discover in my faith. When I surrender to God, I find far greater freedom than what I had prior to that surrender. Gethsemane moments, I like to call them.

2. Surrender is a difficult pill to swallow. And I think it has to do with our understanding of it.

3. The world teaches that surrender equates to humiliation. But in the kingdom, surrender is about humility – the right estimation of myself & God.

4. The acceptance that at my worst there is a nature within me that will inherently want to go down paths that lead to destruction.

5. And at my best, the good I can do on my own will never compare to what I can accomplish through God.

6. The degree to which I know God is the degree to which I can trust Him.

7. The degree to which I trust God is the degree to which I’m able to surrender.

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