Scrapbook #36: Beyond Fear

“Things I was afraid to do 2 years ago, I can do them now. Because when you practice enough, the fear goes away and you focus on being better.”
–  Mark Essien

1. Fear of the unknown. Is there anything more paralysing?

2. When taking that first step seems like the end of the world.

3. The most effective thing for me is to not negotiate with fear to go away. Because it rarely will. But instead to just go ahead and do that which terrifies me.

4. Because one of two things will happen.

5. I’ll be great at it and everything will work out just fine. And then I’ll realise I had nothing to be afraid of.

6. I’ll suck at it and everything will still work out just fine because the failure won’t kill me. I’ll learn from it and do better the next time. And then I’ll realise that I had nothing to be afraid of.

7. Either way, there’s nothing to be afraid of. 🙂

8. Go figure that “Do not be afraid” and “Be strong and of good courage” make such a strong appearance in the Bible.

9. God knows how scary this thing called life can be for us. But He’s with us every step of the way. We just have to take Him at His word and trust Him to make good of our first step and each one that follows after.

10. What first step do you need to take? I know I definitely have a couple waiting for me.

3 replies on “Scrapbook #36: Beyond Fear”

Heart this piece ❤ ❤

For me with the whole speaking thing, it came to me all at once. My fail safe was to not overthink about how I'd do it. I didn't want notes on how to speak at events or reviews of how I did it once it was done because there was another and another thing I needed to do. So I had to make my way by walking. And I walked. Lol.

So that's where I am with speaking. I too believe that the more I do it, the more I'll be natural at it. It gets easier.

But there's a new fear that surprised me recently. Walking into a media house and maybe pitching myself or like doing a screen test. Tears!!!!! I had this idea to 'rise' through youtube so I can have some form of leverage (they approach me first) but that hasn't panned out. Safest thing for me was sending my CV over then when no one would respond, I'd sigh in relief. That's my new burden. My new mountain.

Not that I don't believe in myself, it's just the whole walking into a media house. Tears!!!!!!!

Now, to stop rambling and to say thank you dear ❤


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