Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #48: Friend Of God

“Acquaintances can see who God is from the outside, but friends can feel His emotions and know His nature.”

– Jenn Johnson

1. Intimacy with God.

2. It’s the difference between having a Friend or a Taskmaster.

3. It’s the difference between being a slave and being a son.

4. If the ends justified the means, it wouldn’t really matter which side of the spectrum you lie.

5. But I think one of the saddest things that could ever happen to a person is to do the will of God yet never come to know Him.

6. I’ve always believed that the greatest gift we get out of salvation isn’t a ticket to heaven but a relationship with God.

7. Every day I have with Him makes me believe it all the more.


You can watch the entire video where this quote originates here:

Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #47: Be The Church

“Jesus didn’t die so you could attend church on Sundays. He died so that you may BECOME the church.”

– Marcus Stanley

1. Church is supposed to be a doing word.

2. Yet our actions must be guided by our Father not the world.

3. Jesus often bore the brunt of human accusation for being obedient to His Father.

4. His vindication came every time His obedience would bear good and often miraculous fruit.

5. I’ve often seen situations where people demand to know where the church is and what the church is doing.

6. There are those whose inquiry is genuine – they truly want to understand what role the church is playing.

7. There are those whose inquiry is in fact an accusation – they expect the church to show up a certain way and are angry it hasn’t.

8. We do as the Father instructs us, even if that means disappointing and angering people.

9. Even if it means being fools for God.

10. We are the Body of Christ and that means Christ must guide our every action.

11. Because the wisdom of God will always trump the wisdom of man.

12. Every. single. time.