Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #41: God’s Promise

“When God makes a promise, He doesn’t take it back.”

– Bianca Olthoff (Play With Fire)

1. Not too long ago, I watched a sermon called The War In Your Head by Bill Johnson that messed me up a good one.

2. He speaks about how miracles aren’t about solving an immediate problem. Their primary purpose is to reveal the nature of God in the context of that issue.

3. Once He reveals His nature to you, there’s a likelihood you will end up in yet another  (similar) situation that requires you to recall and rely on that revelation you now have.

4. Think about all the promises God has ever made to you and fulfilled. He has shown you His nature of faithfulness.

5. Think about all the promises God has ever made to you and you’re still waiting on. He’s counting on you to bring to remembrance His faithfulness.

6. Waiting is a test of many things. Not just our patience but our ability to remember who God is.

7. Remember that He is God and He is good. He’s not a mean, vindictive Being just plotting to mess with your mind and heart. If He has said it, He will do it.

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