Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #27: Social Media Love

“There are real people’s emotions attached to the other end of comments you make on social media. Be kind. Be loving. Be uplifting.” – Kari Jobe

1. It’s easy to assume you know a person from one post/tweet/picture.

2. Appallingly easy to become judge, jury and executioner over a person and a life you know next to nothing about.

3. I’ve been on the receiving end. I’ve been on the giving end.

4. Thank goodness for mercy that takes care of the speck in their eye and the log in mine.

5. Showing grace is a conscious effort. One we cannot afford to take lightly.

6. They shall know we are Christians by our love.

7. So the next time you’re online and you want to think and/or say something…

8. Let your speech [and thoughts, I might add] be better than silence; otherwise be silent. – Our Daily Bread

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