The Woman You Are

This is an ode to the woman you are.

The woman you are is stunning. She is beauty personified. Her expression of beauty and mine are not at war with one another. The existence of one doesn’t diminish the value of the other. There isn’t just one crown that we must fight over for the right to wear. Not when our Father gave us both crowns uniquely designed for us.

The woman you are is brave. She shows up. Every day. When it’s all good. When it gets hard. She shows up for her life. It may not seem like it counts for much but to live when so many merely exist is something worth celebrating.

The woman you are is worth loving. She is worth the time and effort to get to know her and learn how to be with her. Learn how to be her.

The woman you are is strong. She has survived far more than she ever thought she could and come much farther than she ever imagined possible. Even on days when she feels anything but strong, she puts one foot in front of the other and makes it to the next day. And the next. And the next.

The woman you are is resilient. She’s here today, after all. In the face of life’s challenges and obstacles she finds a way to survive when she needs to and thrive in the most unexpected ways.

The woman you are is not a threat to the woman I am. She is an invaluable part of the big picture of who God is. Without her, my understanding of Him is incomplete. My understanding of woman, is incomplete.

The woman you are is defined by the heart of God. Not a moment in time. Whether that moment is the best in your highlight reel and holds the biggest trophy in your memory cabinet. Or the worst experience you’d wish out of existence if you could. She is far more than either one and all the ordinary, everyday that exists in between these moments.

The woman you are is not a mistake. She is not too much of one thing and not enough of another. She isn’t the one God forgot or the one He didn’t have time for. His love and dedication to her are unwavering and unmatched.

The woman you are matters. As she is. As she is meant to be. Her worth was established in God’s heart long before her first cry was ever heard on this earth. It cannot be diminished by anything in this world unless you allow it. Don’t allow it.

The woman you are is everything God has said of you. Everything she is may not be everything you are right this very moment. But she is who you are becoming every single day in His presence.

So give her permission to become.

Cherish the mundane that serve as the brush strokes to create the masterpiece that she is.

Love her for all she is and all she’s not.

Because the woman you are deserves this, and so much more.

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