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Women Who Water Well #2

This month on Woman At The Well I’m celebrating women who’ve watered me well.

Celebrating: Bernice. 🥳

We were in the Java House on Mama Ngina Street. I still remember where we were seated.

She looked at me like I was crazy. I don’t blame her. Asking someone you’ve only interacted with a few times and barely know to be your maid of honour doesn’t seem like a logical thing to do.

But I did. Why?

Because God said she was the one He wanted. God has never steered me wrong when it comes to such things. Still, I had to be willing to trust Him and her. I had to be willing to say yes to her even as she said yes to me.

God will surround you with women in every season of your life. But you have to be wiling to agree with what He says about them and you. You have to be willing to say yes to God and yes to them.

God chose Bernice to stand by my side during one of the most important transitions in my life. She did a phenomenal job.

But it was clear to me right from the get-go that the divine introduction wasn’t just about my wedding day. It was a lifetime journey. Indeed, it’s been exactly that.

I’ve never told her this but I think of her as the come-back queen. Any time life knocks her down she finds a way to get back up. She makes it look easy but I know it’s anything but.

She’s an incredible human being and a #DaughterDestinedForDominion who’s #owningherspace in her home, her business (@bernicesdelights) and in ministry.

I’m privileged to know her and call her friend. ❤️


We’re having our ladies’ conference in November. Come join us? Bring a friend. We’d love to have you.

Event: Restored Woman Conference

Location: Sarit Centre, Maai Hall

Date: November 5th & 6th 2021

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