Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #4: Crags & Clay


1. I love what groups like Gungor, All Sons & Daughters and Rend Collective are doing with music. It’s different. It’s beautiful.

2. One of my cheap thrills is discovering a new song that I absolutely love. Discovered this one this week.

3. It hit me hard. The magnitude of God. I don’t think we pause our lives enough to revel in how big our God is. We often get too stuck on the mountains in our lives, forgetting we have a God who can move them with a single word.

4. Psalm 147. He determines the number of stars and calls each one by name. (v.4) How much more His care for us, His children?

5. I often look out the window to figure out what to wear every other morning. One particular day, the sun’s rays had turned the sky into such a gorgeous backdrop I mentioned it to Him. How beautiful it all looked. Like a compliment made by one creative to another. And a little to my surprise He said “Thank you” with a smile, like a creative receiving a compliment from another.

6. I’d been thinking it was a silly thing to do. Tell God how incredible His own creation looked. Like He doesn’t already know. But He quickly dissuaded me of the notion. He valued the fact that I took the time to not just recognise the beauty of His work but to give Him praise for it. Now, I do it all the time. And I mean it every time.

7. Even the small things, the silly things we do with God, count. He’s not too big for our smallness.

One reply on “Scrapbook #4: Crags & Clay”

Quite insightful, especially the aspect whereby you say, nothing is too small for God…in sharing about the marvels of His creative works.


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