Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #5: Coffee With God


1. Watched this a while back. A link from a friend. Still haven’t forgotten it over a year later.

2. Some things in life just stay with you.

3. When it comes to God, it’s less about finding time for Him and more of making time. Because if the pace of our world today is anything to go by, no one has time to do anything which is in itself quite the contradiction.

4. Happy endings don’t always look like what we think. Maybe if we considered eternity more than we do, considered it more of a reality than a vague passing promise, we’d realise that the end of what we have in this world is just but the beginning of so much more.

5. What we have in this world, isn’t the best we’ll ever have. This isn’t the end all be all. It gets even better. There’s more to look forward to.

6. Do we actually look forward to eternity? Why not? Have you seen the promise of what Jesus has in store for us in the Bible? Pretty big deal if you ask me.

7. Sometimes we get so stuck on spending with God in a specific manner that we end up not doing it at all. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be.

8. My chair changes as seasons change. And I’ve realised that’s ok.

9. Where is your chair?

One reply on “Scrapbook #5: Coffee With God”

Quite insightful. Having an Eternal perspective changes how we live in this realm of time and space…this is content worth musing on and applying. thank you for sharing.


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