Scrapbook #13: Christians & Dating

1. How have I chuckled? Truth and humour is a win for me!

2. So many nuggets of wisdom. Like this one: “Contrary to popular culture, we were not made to be in long-term relationships. We were made to be in life-long marriages.” Can I get an AMEN?

3. AMEN!

4. We need to take back the conversation on love, sex, relationships and marriage in our homes and churches. We’ve let the world set the agenda for far too along.

5. I have several posts on this whirling around in my head. Note to self: write ’em down!

6. Bottom line: it all boils down to purpose and intentionality.

7. And for those who say and/or think no one’s waiting any more…I know a whole community of young (in terms of age) Christians like myself committed to doing it God’s way (INFEMI). Best believe we’re seeing the benefit of trusting Him.

8. Whether single or in a relationship, we don’t rely on our own individual strength and ability to follow through. If all you have to stand on is your heart and flesh, it’ll fail you at some point. Not if but when. However, with the Holy Spirit and the support of like-minded believers, the impossible becomes very practically possible.

P.S.: There’s a hilarious punch line after the credits. 🙂

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