Scrapbook #17: Open Heaven

1. What is an open heaven?

2. Not places or circumstances or encounters…

3. But me fully convinced of access to Him at all times. ALL TIMES.

4. God is not just with me or near me. He’s in me.

5. Think about that for a moment- God, Creator of heaven and earth, IN you.

6. I believe that God’s presence changes everything in and around it. And not necessarily in ways we easily notice.

7. So if God’s presence changes things…and God’s presence is in us and with us…then it goes without saying that wherever we go, the presence of God in us can be seen there.

8. Can but not necessarily will. Because God would rather have sons than slaves. Hearts willing to be used by Him not forced to do so.

9. Is the presence of God evident in your life? Do you see it in your life? Do the people around you see it in you?

10. Perhaps one of the greatest lies we have believed is that we must earn His manifest presence in our lives.

11. Jesus did that already. Paid all there was to pay.

12. And now we’re left with the simplest yet hardest thing to do- believe it and walk in it. Every single day.

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