Scrapbook #24: Proof Of Desire

“The proof of desire is in pursuit.”

– Mike Murdoch

1. I recently noticed that it was only when Moses took the action to draw nearer to the burning bush that God spoke.

2. How many burning bushes do we walk by every day without a second thought?

3. That bush could be as deceptively simple as taking the time to be still and hang out with God.

4. Eric Johnson observes that many Christians ask for more of God, but never take the time to make “more” room in their lives for this “more” they’re fervently praying for.

5. There’s a significant difference between me merely saying I’m trusting to see more of God this year and me taking a step further to be intentional about seeking Him e.g. by spending time in my coffee chair every day.

6. That difference is action.

7. If you really want more of God, seek Him not just by word but deed as well. It’s not rocket science. Neither is there some instant magic formula.

8. Those who get what they’re after are the ones who have the discipline to consistently pursue it…especially when it gets hard.

9. What are you willing to sacrifice to get God? How far are you willing to go in your pursuit of Him? That’s the true measure of your desire for Him. Not your feelings or noble intentions that never see the light of day.

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