Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #29: Hairbrush

1. As I watched this, I simultaneously laughed and teared up.

2. Reminded me so much of all the crazy conversations I have with the Holy Spirit. Had a major wait-I’m-not-the-only-crazy-one moment.

3. It’s just like God to make such requests. S/O to anyone who’s ever experienced God’s sense of humour lol…

4. Sometimes we really do get ahead of ourselves trying to preempt what God is doing. I know I sure do.

5. For me this is a beautiful picture of what the kingdom of God is. There is no need too small. No need He is unaware of. No need that He doesn’t meet at the perfect moment with provision.

6. A constant ebb and flow. A perfect exchange process of give-and-receive. A river full of life because it doesn’t selfishly hold back.

7. There is more than enough for us all. More than enough.

8. Who’s hair has He asked you to brush today? Won’t you go ahead and do it? Because knowing Him there’s probably someone en route to brush yours.

One reply on “Scrapbook #29: Hairbrush”

Beth Moore! Bless your heart for this. Reminds me of the story Jenn Johnson shares of the heart of hospitality about God telling a man to nibble another man’s ear. His requests may be odd but He sees the bigger picture.

Thank you so much for this.


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