Christianity Scrapbook

Scrapbook #30: Resurrection Power

“Lazarus was dead 4 days before he was raised. He was a bloated, stinking, rotting corpse. Jesus can resurrect the deadest of your deadness.”

– Gregory Lucas (@gregorylucas58)

1. Some things I read just bring a hearty chuckle out of me. This one of them.

2. Because how can you not be filled with joy when the magnitude of God is made so abundantly apparent.

3. One of the dangers of glossing over the Cross and all the gore that came with it is that we may end up glossing over the magnitude of His resurrection power.

4. The ultimate “end” for humanity is typically death. Whether literal or figurative, it tends to be the point of no return.

5. Yet, even that finite finality, is covered by Jesus’ blood and righteousness with infinite finality.

6. His goodness never fails to astound me.

7. Jesus truly can resurrect the deadest of your deadness.

8. Try Him. If you dare. 😉

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