God Needs Your Donkey

S/O to my dear friend, Sarah, whose statement [title] sparked this post and her S.O., Rev. Richie, whose question posed to our church fanned the flames. 

In the aftermath of days of heavy rain and flooding in Nairobi, as we came together as a community to pray, Richie asked us to offer solutions instead of criticism as prayer items. 

That got me to piece together observations that have been swirling around in my head. As it turned out, it was a blog post begging to be written…

“I give myself away, so You can use me.”

– William McDowell [I Give Myself Away]

In the course of various work & school projects I’ve discovered to my shock and pleasant surprise that we [Nairobi & Kenya] actually have very brilliant & solid plans, policies and laws in place for most if not all sectors. I can bet you that for every proposed solution posted by a citizen online or brought up in a random discussion, there is a document or two somewhere that has it. The solutions are there in black and white but they’re just not being implemented for various reasons [rant for another day].

So here’s my proposed solution to raise a generation of doers not just hearers and talkers:

Each one of us has been placed in a sphere of influence by God: an environment consisting of work, school, home, church, etc and the people therein. These spheres have their aspects of beauty and wonder. But they’re far from perfect.

Until the day we own the problems in our spheres of influence, the solutions will never be ours to enjoy. If our mantra forever remains “someone should” not “I will” then who exactly are we waiting for to come save us? Jesus already did His part on the Cross. 🙂

If we don’t see ourselves as 1) able and 2) willing to put in the work it takes to bring change in our own small spheres, why should anyone else be bothered to do the same for us in the greater sphere that is Nairobi & Kenya?

What are we doing with the problems [read opportunities] God has exposed us to in our spheres? As we experience challenges because someone somewhere isn’t doing their part, is there someone disadvantaged because you haven’t done yours?

Even as we pray, let’s not hide behind prayer in areas where God has already availed a solution that we can implement. My challenge to myself and us: take a long, hard look at your personal sphere. There are problems i.e. opportunities to display God’s glory. By the time God allowed that problem to come your way, He had placed a solution within your reach. What are you doing about it?

If we won’t [not can’t because we can do ALL things through Christ] implement the small stuff, who will God entrust to implement the big stuff?

Sometimes the only miracle required for change to happen is someone willing to make the sacrifice necessary to get it done.

Because there are times that God needs your donkey. The sacrifice of what you have in your possession. Then there are times when you are the donkey that God needs. The sacrifice of your very being. Often times, it’s a simultaneous combination of the two. If that doesn’t sound prestigious enough for you, then you may need an introduction to Jesus, Son of a carpenter, who dwells among the meek in the lowly places.

God works for His glory not for our glitz and glamour. Maybe the reason we keep missing out on Him is because we’re too busy chasing the latter instead of the former.

I used to ask God to install the right people in the right positions in different areas of my life. People who carried His heart and mind even if they didn’t quite know it. And without fail, He would ask me the same questions – Who will fill those positions once they’re vacant? Are My people ready to take their place?

And the third. Unspoken yet the loudest.

Are you ready to take your place? 

It took me a minute but I finally got the hint. My perspective changed. So did my prayer. We are they. I am they. They who are to bring change to this world.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

In all our flaws and inadequacies and mundaneness and “buts”, even with unlimited options available, Jesus still chooses us…. donkeys as it were…to make His entry as the King of Zion.

We are the salt and light that the world [and in stark irony, the church] are desperately looking for.

I am these things and so much more… In Him. I am.

The question was never whether we are able.

With Him, impossibility is nullified. He makes everything possible. Including our miraculous service.

The question has always been and still remains –

When Jesus comes calling for your donkey, will you let Him use you?

Will you say yes to Him?

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