Scrapbook #31: God Is Faithful

“God will be faithful to you during your hardships. Not to make them easy. But to make them fruitful.”

– Jackie Hill Perry

1. Expectations. They single-handedly make or break our days.

2. When we expect the right thing from the wrong person or the wrong thing from the right person…or even the wrong thing from the wrong person…you catch my drift…

3. Sometimes you don’t even realise you had them until they’re not met…then it’s downhill from there.

4. We often want a God who fits neatly in our preconceived boxes…one who does what we expect Him to, when, how and with whom.

5. Then we throw everything from tantrums to heartfelt wails of despair when we don’t get that God.

6. But the point of having a Father in heaven who knows better…is just that – He knows better.

7. Not only that, He wants the best for us. His goodness and mercy are pursuing us every day of our lives at His command [Psalm 23:6].

8. So next time, you’re tempted to think the worst of Him (or anyone else for that matter), how about believing the best instead?

9. When the dust settles, you may be surprised to find they were fighting for you not against you all along.

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