Rose Gold Crowns

Chosen Not Cheated: Leaders’ Edition

Earlier this year, my girl – Koki Oyuke – published a book aptly titled: Chosen Not Cheated. This month, my posts are a tribute to her book (and life) message. More details on the book down below.

“In the end, if you must carry a crown before you wear one, if you must set the table before you seat at one, then do it well. Sitting under someone is a high honour because soon enough, you’ll be head of the table and a king or queen in your own right. It’s all preparation. And no one says it, but leading someone destined to be greater than you is a harder task than waiting tables and shining crowns. May you be the shade that many sit under. May you share your fruit.”

Koki Oyuke (Chosen Not Cheated)

How God prepares us for leadership is an underlying theme in Rose Gold Crowns. I don’t believe we ever “arrive” as leaders until we’re done with our assignment on earth. Regardless of how long you’ve been a leader or how much experience you may have, there’s always room to learn and grow as a leader.  

God chooses us for leadership, but He doesn’t cheat us out of life.


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