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Author Chats with Koki Oyuke (@KizuriBooks) – Part 2 | On My Mind

Part 2 of my author interview with Koki Oyuke of Kizuri Books about my debut romantic suspense novel – Dream Girl, Book 1 of the Harry’s Girls Series.

Watch Part 1:

Video Chapters:

00:00 – Age gap Christian romances & happy endings without weddings (yet)

01:41 – My author policy on happy endings – real & wonderful

02:33 – In-laws or in-loves?

03:30 – Characters we love to dislike

04:46 – Fictional Kenyan book characters

08:20 – Book 2 coming soon!

08:45 – Book 2 plot twist – the hero isn’t who we thought. I blame the characters lol!

11:03 – Book 3 in 2021 too.

11:53 – Book 1 delivers on its promise. The characters are worth investing in.

Dream Girl by Mary Kamau:

Dream Girl By Mary Kamau. Christian Romantic Suspense Novel. Kenyan Fiction Book.
Dream Girl By Mary Kamau

Read a free sample of Dream Girl:

Order your copy of Dream Girl [Ksh.1500]:

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